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SHHS Swim Team

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Thu, 12/02/2010 - 14:23
by Will Towse
swim practice dive.JPG

The temperatures have dropped, snow has fallen, and the swim team has come out from hibernation. It hasn’t been quite the start that the team was hoping to get; but the team has been dealing with sickness and major lack of pool time. Compared to teams like Springville and Uintah, who have two-a-day practices with an average time of 3 hours a day, Salem has about an hour and a half every other day. Even though the team has been dealing with setbacks it still has a strong relay team; they have a very good chance of going to state. Salem does have numbers in its favor; with a whopping 44 kids they have the biggest roster in the region. The swim team is packed with fun and is known to have the best bus rides you will ever have anywhere. So if you’re ever in the mood for supporting your school, and having a lot of fun in a relaxed atmosphere, join the swim team. One Plus: you get to wear a speedo.