Visit from Sierra Bonita


Surprise visit from the staff at Sierra Bonita Elementary to say goodbye and wish congratulations to our new secretary Liz Worthen.  Welcome aboard Liz - we are glad to have you as much as this group is sad to see you go!

Main Street Pizza Athletes of the Week

Write ups by Coach Thompson

Alison Pray and Tony Lundberg

Alison Pray has started her senior year off by demonstrating why she is one of the top returning distance runners in the state with two great performances. She placed 3rd in the Region VIII Pre-Region meet, then finished 2nd in the Payson Night Hunt on Friday night.  She has also demonstrated great leadership as one of our Team Captains this season.  She is in for a great Senior year.

New Student


We have a new student handbook this year. The new Citizenship Policy is explained in the handbook.