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Mr. Skyhawk 2011

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Fri, 03/11/2011 - 14:02
By Trevor Williams

The event of Mr. Skyhawk just passed through, unveiling new winners. The contest consisted of 14 different but studly young men. Weekly activities went on during the week such as Kiss-A-King, Limbo and the Sexy Leg Contest. However, the grand finale was the show on Saturday.
The show consisted of a polished jungle dance choreographed by Nikki Ereksen and was followed by the talents of each individual. It was highlighted by contestants choosing to dance, sing or anything else that they are unusually talented at. To name a few, Michael Deveraux made famous a Justin Bieber rendition of dancing and singing as well as a crowd igniting performance of a mesh of Beatles’ songs made possible by Dalen Ficklin and Jordan Daniels. After that it was on to the swimsuit section and then to the evening attire. Questions were then asked to nervous young men as they did their best to attempt to create an adequate answer to on-the-spot questions.
At the end of the show, as the suspense proved too much to endure, the winners were announced: Mikhail Collins as Mr. Skyhawk, Michael Deveraux 1st attendant and Chance Carter as 2nd attendant. Only three were named as winners but all who participated enjoyed brotherly bonding in a playful/fierce competition that featured some of the greatest men on this planet.