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Debate Tournament Results

Submitted by shea.bradshaw on Mon, 12/19/2016 - 08:34

Congrats Skyhawks! 2nd place @ the Neill Warren Classic at Utah State East!!!

4th Impromptu---Rebeca Knapp
3rd LD---Hyrum Devenport
4th PF---Lindstrom and Knapp
5th PF---Thorne and Mantilla
2nd Spar---Shawn Thorne 
4th Spar---Hyrum Devenport
3rd Storytelling---Tatum Ward
5th Extemp---Adam Johnson 
1st Congress---Josh Kitchen
5th Policy---Wagner and Bigelow
2nd LD---Mason Lindstrom
3rd POI---Austyn Thomas 
5th Spar---Mason Lindstrom

154 points Park City
152 points Salem Hills
We were really close to winning it all! Overall, good job. I appreciate all of your hard work! We still some hard work in some key areas, but we're looking good.

Also, big shout out to our judges and chaperones! We couldn't even compete without you. Thank you for your service!