April 2019

Congratulations to our amazing students of the month!!



10th Grade Students

 Carter Quesenberry- nominated by Nederhand

 Sydney Black-nominated by Downey

 11th Grade Students

        Emily Critchfiield- nominated byKyle Francum   

    Tyler Levie-nominated by MacDonald

 12th Grade Students-

         Michelle Spencer- nominated byErwin

         Tanner Pope- nominated by Bosone


Athlete and Fan of the Week!

http://shhs.nebo.edu/sites/shhs.nebo.edu/files/IMG_2564.jpeghttp://shhs.nebo.edu/sites/shhs.nebo.edu/files/IMG_2566.jpeg http://shhs.nebo.edu/sites/shhs.nebo.edu/files/IMG_2567.jpeg Congratulations to our Athletes and Fan of the Week!               Tom Wilson - fan of the week                  Brynlee Michelsen - track and field         Tanner DeHart - track and field