November 2013

New Faculty Spotlight!


Brent Allred:  SHHS Math Teacher

Q:  Where were you born?

A:  Mona, Utah

Q: Were you named afer anyone?

A: Nope

Q:  What made you get into teaching?

A:  Excellent examples and a love for math.

Q:  Do you have a special talent?

A:  I can juggle, but I don't know if that is very special.

Q:  What is the farthest you have been from home?

A:  Carthage, Illinois

Q:  What is the first think you notice about people?

A:  If they are walking, I notice which way their feet are pointed.  If they are standing, I notice their posture.  If they are sitting, I just notice their face, unless they have some feature that demands getting noticed; like neon green pants, starfish tattoos, or possession of a light saber.  

Q:  What is on your mouse pad?

A:  It's kind of this gray mass that tells people I am excessively boring.  

Q:  Last movie you watched?

A:  Gravity

Q:  Favoite sports to watch?

A:  Football and basketball, but definitely not baseball.  I like to watch extreme obstacle courses, like Ninja Warrior as well.  

Q:  What was the last book you read?

A:  Emotional Intelligence,by Daniel Goleman

Peter Pan Begins This week


Do you want to see flying and pirates, indians, lost boys and a crocodile?!?  Come see Peter Pan and experience the magic this coming Thursday, Friday, Saturday and next Monday and Tuesday. The show starts at 7. Tickets are $8 - adults, $6-students/senior citizens, and $30 for families. It is so fun you won't want to miss it!!!

New Faculty Spotlight!


Max Andrus: SHHS Drafting, Enginerring, Architecture and Career Coordinator

Q. Where were you born?

A.  Olympia, Washington

Q. Were you named after anyone?

A.  My full name is Maxwell Page Andrus.  My first name is from Neal A. Maxwell, and my middle name is a family name from my mother's side of the family.  

Q.  What made you get into teaching?

A.  I want to be a positive influence on the world.

Q.  Do you have a special talent?

A.  I like to do Improv, like "Who's line is it, Anyway?" or "Comedey Sportz."

Q.  What is the farthest you have been from home?

A. Yekaterinburg, Russia

Q.  What is the first thing you notice about people?

A. Their face

Q.What is on your mouse pad?

A.  Salem Hills Skyhawks

Q.  Last movie you watched?

A.  "The Lost Room"

Q.  Favorite sports to watch?

A.  Tennis and basketball

Q. What was the last book you read?

A. "Elantris" by Brandon Sanderson




Successful Night at the Skyhawk Gorge!


Salem Hills High School's annual 'Skyhawk Gorge' was a huge success!  Our Make-A-Wish recipient Lydia is on her way to Walt Disney World.  A special thanks to our students, families, teachers and sponsors!  We couldn't have done it without you!