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January 2013

Some of Our Terrific Skyhawks

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Ryan Palmer

Skyhawks of the Month

Congratulations to our Skyhawks of the month for December! Each of these students are great examples of success in and out of the classroom.

Juan Baeza
Austin Brown
Karena Huffaker
Chelsey Sudweeks
Tanner Thorpe
Jaisha Wallentine




Fall Sports Academic All-State

Coupled with their athletic success, the following students have worked incredibly hard and balanced busy schedules to receive Academic All-State honors. Congratulations on this outstanding achievement.

Tyler Moore - Football
Connor Deichman - Football
Ryan Christensen - Football
Maryn Turley - Volleyball
Cortney Crook - Girls Soccer
Kaycee Jacklin - Girls Soccer
Cortney Crook - Girls Cross Country
Christine Vanausdal - Girls Cross Country






Pursuing Victory with Honor – Fall Sports

The Pursuing Victory with Honor Award is reserved for those students who are examples both on and off the field of play.

Zach Lundell - Football
Weston Ware - Golf
Tyler Christensen - Band
Alyssa Moyer - Girls Cross Country
Spencer Berrett - Boys Cross Country
Sierra Powell - Girls Tennis
Haley Anderson - Girls Soccer
Danielle Clark - Volleyball


Getting to Know our Sterling Scholars

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Ryan Palmer

Sterling Scholar Honors

            The Sterling Scholar program is meant to high light the achievement of high school seniors throughout the state. Students who are recognized as Sterling Scholars show a tremendous amount of dedication and effort in their academic studies. Along with the recognition for their work, Sterling Scholars have the opportunity to earn scholarships and tuition waivers from participating institutions. Because it is such a high honor, we would like to introduce each of our school’s representatives for the Sterling Scholar award.


     Tyler Moore – Mathematics

            Being from Idaho, where there is no Sterling Scholar program, Tyler didn’t know much about the award until he moved to Utah. However, Tyler had made mathematics a priority in his academic career as he feels it is the key to tomorrow’s success. Becoming a Sterling Scholar was simply a side effect of his thirst for mathematical knowledge, and he points to AP Calculus in helping him develop that thirst. Tyler plans on eventually becoming a neurosurgeon or a cardiologist.


   Megan Brockbank – English

            For Megan, becoming a Sterling Scholar is a representation of the great value she has taken in her education. It is a vehicle to showcase all the academic successes she has been able to achieve. To Megan, representing the school as the Sterling Scholar for English is ultimately a representation of the rewards of hard work and dedication. Despite the intimidating nature of the word “future,” Megan hopes to further her education and one day become a pediatrician, or perhaps a medical researcher. Whatever happens, if she able to use her knowledge to benefit others, Megan will be happy.

    Carissa Moser – Dance

            As Carissa learned more about the Sterling Scholar program and the winners of the award from previous years, she decided to make it a goal to achieve the high honor. Carissa says setting that goal early on really helped to motivate her through challenging courses, as well as courses she may not have been as passionate about. Carissa hopes to make dance a huge part of her future. Beyond the next level of her education, she plans on making dance to center of her career in some way, either by choreography or dance photography.


Maryn Turley – Social Science

            Though the classes she has taken have been challenging, Maryn has appreciated the many lessons she has learned from those classes beyond just the academic. She attributes taking difficult classes to helping her perform at a high level despite the demands. Maryn is very involved in the Social Sciences and though the Sterling Scholar program would be a good way to help her become more successful. After graduation, she plans to attend BYU and major in psychology. From there, she hopes to obtain and Master’s Degree, and eventually a Ph.D. in clinical psychology.


   Aubrie Turner – Computer Technology

            Aubrie loves computers and she sees the Sterling Scholar program as a way to learn and develop skills in ways she otherwise wouldn’t be able to. After graduation, Aubrie plans on continuing her educational pursuits at the next level in college. Ultimately, she wants to have a family and a good, stable career doing something she loves. She is really looking forward to using the skills and techniques she has learned in high school in the real world.


   Meghan Taylor – Business and Marketing

            Meghan’s path to Sterling Scholar has led her through a variety of AP classes. Though difficult, Meghan says that the AP classes were worth it because they taught her to do her work well and on time, and that hard work can be fun and worth the effort. Meghan had always taken her education seriously, so when the opportunity for Sterling Scholar arose, she felt the extra effort would be worth the benefits that come along with the program. Eventually Meghan would like to become a veterinarian and own her own practice.


Danny Jimenez – Science

Danny really began to develop his love and appreciation for Science and its real world usages while taking AP Biology. He saw the Sterling Scholar Program as a way to set himself apart and open doors to further his education. Danny plans on furthering his education and majoring in biology before entering medical school. Eventually, Danny would like to become an orthopedic surgeon.


    Cristina Knapp – Foreign Language

            Cristina has always loved and been fascinated by foreign languages. Since the time she entered high school, her goal has been to become a the foreign language Sterling Scholar. What better way to achieve academic success than to combine it with something you love? After graduation, Cristina plans on attending BYU and major in Spanish translation and minor in either another foreign language, or music.


Cortney Crook – Family and Consumer Science

            Cortney didn’t much about the Sterling Scholar program until recently. However, once she decided to try and reach that goal, she realized how much work being a “Scholar” actually entails. Luckily, the classes she has taken helped prepare her for the work load, especially U.S. History where she described the work load as “five times ridiculous.” Upon graduation, Cortney plans to attend Utah State University and major is dietetics.


Collin Preece – Speech and Drama

            Collin’s favorite class right now is debate because it gives him a chance to argue without getting in trouble. For Collin, becoming a Sterling Scholar meant representing his school on a higher level, something he looks forward to. It was also a great opportunity for him to reach his potential and to grow as a person. Collin hopes to use his oral skills to one day become a politician so that he will be able to make a difference in the future of the nation.


Garrett May – Skilled and Technical Education

            Garrett feels that you don’t have to be the smartest person in order to achieve academic success, but you have to be dedicated and put in a lot of hard work. That has shown in his drive to become a Sterling Scholar, representing his school as one of the top of his class. Garrett eventually wants to work in Industrial Design to help develop or redevelop technology to better fit the industry.


    Kylie Anderson – Music

            Kylie loves music, and those that know her know that her life outside of school basically revolves around music. For that reason, she was excited to find a way in which she could incorporate her outside love of music with her education. Being able to represent her school through music was an opportunity she didn’t feel she could pass up. In the future, Kylie wants to get a degree in music therapy and help people through music.

Blaine McMurray – Visual Arts

            Blaine has worked hard to become the Sterling Scholar for visual arts. He has always had a love for the arts and is excited to represent the school in a field he is enthusiastic about. In the future, Blaine plans to use art in any way he can to earn a living.




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