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April 2010

Baseball Season Summary

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Thu, 04/22/2010 - 14:36
by Jordan Geyerman Photo by Ben Callahan
Buddy Adams pitching.JPG
base hit.JPG
Devin Bennett.JPG

The Salem Hills Baseball team has gone 13 and 2 so far this season, only losing against Spanish Fork and Juan Diego. The Skyhawks are currently batting .350 which, for those of you who don’t play baseball, is a very good average. The team’s ERA (earned run average) is just under 3.00.
            The Skyhawks have had an impressive season so far going 13 and 2 and they shut out Maple Mountain twice.
            When asked about his team Head Coach Scott Haney said “We have had good team unity, that has helped us to win.”
            Coach Haney also said that they were excited for their game against Payson High Friday, April 23rd. 
            There are only 6 games left in region 8 play; Spanish Fork High is currently in first place for region 8 the Skyhawks right on their tail with a close 2nd.
            There are only a few games left with the last home game on May 3rd against Springville High, so make sure you get out support your Skyhawks and help them send the Devils packing.

You're a Good Man Charlie Brown at Salem Hills

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Fri, 04/16/2010 - 15:18
by Jordan Geyerman
charlie brown.JPG

Wednesday, April 12th the Salem Hills High School Spotlight Players gave a preview of the spring production of “You’re A Good Man Charlie Brown.” When asked if his cast was ready for the show, director Justin Bills said, “You’re never really ready, you just have to take a deep breath and go for it.”
Zach Heywood, who plays Schroeder, the piano playing aficionado, told us that the show was “fandanamazing.” Lexi Brown informed us that the casts have worked very hard over the past few weeks, developed characters, and she thinks they’re well prepared to perform.
The show choreographer, Kandalyn Russel said, “It was interesting to work with them. They had lots of personality and I think they’re ready.”
The cast performed like a well-oiled machine that night, doing the classic play of Charlie Brown justice.
After the show, Skyhawk Ben Stone was asked how he liked the show. “Oh my gosh! They deserve an Oscar,” he said. Rylee Locke informed us it was “phenomenononal!” (no, that word does not exist).  
Truly, creator Charlie Schultz must be proud.

Salem Hills vs. Maple Mountain soccer

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Fri, 04/16/2010 - 14:38
By: McKell Flick
Payden Pemberton kicking.JPG

Tuesday, April 13, 2010 : Salem Hills High Skyhawks Varsity Soccer Team was victorious against the Payson High Lions 5-0. They were well in the lead with the halftime score at 4-0. Goals were made by Tannon Bradley, Jordan Daniels, Payden Pemberton, Mason McCallister, and Sam Metz. Assists were by Payden Pemberton and McKay Eccles. Goalie Brandon Williams had a shutout game for the Skyhawks.
The Skyhawks Junior Varsity team also came home with a win against the Lions 4-1. Janson Brockbank, Matt Strong, Michael “Chin” Christensen, Justin Kilmer scored with an assist by Ryan Christensen.

Salem Hills vs Maple mtn baseball

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Fri, 04/16/2010 - 14:36
by Chase Cloyd and Lauren Barney photo by Caline Hoover
Taylor Peterson Pitching.JPG
Devin Bennett.JPG

April 13th and 15th Salem Hills baseball beat Maple Mountain Eagles. Though Maple Mountain fought a good fight, they were no match to the coaching abilities of Coach Haney and his Soaring Skyhawks.
                On Tuesday Buddy (Gerald) Adams pitched all seven innings with 9 stike outs. Tanner Raulston hit a glorious home, when all was said and done Skyhawks won 7:1.
                “Our team is really good this year, we’re 10 and 2, hoping for not only the region but also state championships, we’re playing super hard and really want to win,” says Buddy Adams.
                Thursday’s game’s first four innings were pitched by the ingenious Taylor Peterson, the last inning was pitched by the young yet devilishly handsome Colton Hill. The Salem pitchers pitched a no- hitter, with Taylor Peterson pitching 6 strike outs and all of Colton’s outs were by way of Strike outs. Another honorable mention: Tyler Rollins hit a home run.

Salem Hills Second Annual Art Show

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Wed, 04/14/2010 - 13:55
By: Chase Cloyd, Eric Johansen, Austin Bergera
Art show winners.JPG

This week Salem Hills had its second annual art show. Held in the library, it ran from April 12th to April 16th. It had a lot of great entries and showed some real talent from the student body. 
                The Best of Show award went to Rebecca Jones for her painting of a grapefruit. She says her inspiration for the piece was “inspired by nature” and she loves the lighting of it.
                “Have faith in yourself and you can be great like me,” Becca says sarcastically.
                Overall 1st place went to Alicia Money for her Stylized Phoenix painting. She likes painting birds and liked the colors and how beautiful it turned out. 
                “You can express yourself in art, it can help cope with things, it doesn’t matter what kind of art, you can make it beautiful,” says Alicia. 
                Trevor Nelson took 2nd and won the faculty favorite for drawing 69 year old cowboy, and Rikee Wing got 3rd for her painting of a girl crying. Trevor says it his was challenging because of the lighting and it was hard with only blacks and whites, but he stepped up to the challenge well. Rikee says different looks good, and we can see why.
                Some say this year’s art show was better than last year’s, like Alicia Money who said this year was much better, especially because of the larger amount of entries. Let’s hope next year’s artists can step up to the tradition of great art for the show.

You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Thu, 04/01/2010 - 14:40
by Braxton Hayes

Salem Hills’ adaptation of You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown will be showing the 14th - 20th of April at 7pm in the Salem Hills High School auditorium. This play is about Charlie brown and his friends and their troubles through their childhood. Charlie struggles with the label he’s been given as a “good man;” he wonders if he really is. His friends struggles with grades, puppy love, and what will become of their futures.
The stars: Craig Applegate, Seth Mason, Zach Heywood, Ben Cowley, Lexi Brown, DeGrey Christianson, Colton Simons, Rachel Paulson, Lorianne Paulson, Aubrey Palfryman, Jenny Stone, Katelyn Unsworth, and Jason Colver.
When I asked choreographer Kandalyn Russell how the show was going to turn out she said “The show is going to be amazing, it’ll be so much fun to watch after all our rehearsals.” So come see the show and have a great time.

Salem Hills Track

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Thu, 04/01/2010 - 14:20
By: Clint Bowles, Trevor Newell, photo by Randy Sorenson
Hannah Salcido running.JPG
Reese Knuteson hurdles.JPG

Salem Hills Track is off to a great start, they have had four meets thus far.  With their first on, March 9th, at home.   It was between Payson, Salem, Uintah, and Maple Mountain. The Skyhawks did excellent for their first meet.  The boys scored 84 and the girls 81, placing 2nd behind Maple Mountains boys(124) and girls(112).
On March 20th, the Skyhawks traveled to the UHSTCA Invitational at Timpanogos High School, where they saw many great results from many of their athletes.
On March 16th, Salem Hills Track competed against Springville, and Spanish Fork at SFHS. They performed very well, the boys pulled out a well fought victory and took first over Springville by just two points. The girls took second behind Springville.
On March 25th-26th, Salem Hills attended the Mt Timpanogos Invitational. After two days of somewhat crummy weather, the Skyhawks came away with some great performances. Despite missing most of their seniors, the boys’ team finished 4th (out of thirteen teams) and the girls finished 2nd.
In the coming week, the Skyhawks have two four way meets. One at Maple Mountain, and another at the Alpha Invitational at Timpanogos High School.
For a complete list of statistics, and more info visit 

Knowledge Bowl

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Thu, 04/01/2010 - 14:07
By: Chase, Zach, Eric and Austin

This year marks the second annual knowledge bowl held by our own Spanish teacher Mr. Macdonald. The bowl was a large success due to the fact that so many teams cooperated and the level of knowledge each team had.
                “I think it was very successful, judge by two yard sticks, due to the fact 32 teams signed up in under a day and we had to turn down 7 teams,” says Mr. Macdonald. “The caliber of knowledge each team had, and the championship teams were really good.”
                 “We lost, but we had a fun time.” Says well fought competitor Mikalyn Orten, an avid bicycle and unicycle rider, “and I think it was especially fun because of Mr. Macdonald.”
                Even though one of the victors, Natalie Chaney, won’t be back next year, she would like to leave behind some wise words worthy of wishers wanting to win. “Pay attention to things learned in class, don’t forget the things you’ve learned right after the test, and always give as many high fives as possible,” she says,  eyes swimming in tears as she remembers the ghost of her past.
                Though this year was great, Mr. Macdonald said next year will be even better, so those wanting to prove their vast knowledge, be sure to sign up. 

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