SHHS student/intern Tesia Balls

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Tesia Balls is a senior  at Salem Hills High School who is an intern at Mountain Air Assisted Living in Payson. She helps with the CNA duties and with culinary arts for two and a half hours every other day. Her favorite part is helping people there.  The people are very funny.
by Cassie Lewter, Kylee Lusk, and Mckell Flick

Tears of a Lion

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  The Region 8 championship basketball game was held Wednesday, February 24 at Salem Hills High School, the Payson Lions played Salem Hills High School, in the end the Skyhawks were flying high as a kite, the ending score was Payson 43, Salem 45.             The game started off well for the Skyhawks when they got the tip, the Skyhawks then took the lead for the 1st and 2nd quarter. The Skyhawks played hard all game, London Simmonsen in particular.
Article and photo by Jordan Geyerman

Phillip Sorensen brings State wrestling title home to Salem Hills

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Salem Hills High School Wrestling took an amazing seventh in state. Two wrestlers from Salem Hills made it on to the finals, Spencer Davis a sophomore wrestling at a weight of 103 lbs. and Phillip Sorensen a senior wrestling at a weight of 189 lbs. Davis wrestling an amazing match, fought his best but came out with and unfortunate loss. Davis still placed a well earned and well respected second in state. He plans to come back next year even better and ready to win state.  Phillip Sorensen took an extremely impressive first place in state! He is the man!
by Zach Rugg

Skyhawks Embarrass the Golden Eagles

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After the game on 2/16/10 the Golden Eagles were shot down and possibly bleeding. The game Tuesday night ended in a 62-34 blowout, Salem Hills flying away as the victor.             “They are a young team but if we play sloppy we will lose,” said Salem Head Coach Jimmy DeGraffenried.             But the Skyhawks did not play sloppy; they played tough defense and high pace explosive offense. The Golden Eagles kept the score within 6 points of each other for the 1st and second quarter. However the Salem Hills Skyhawks pulled ahead in the 3rd quarter.
Photo and article by Jordan Geyerman