Manhawk Dance-off Fundraiser

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Among many of the events going on for the Make A Wish week, the Manhawk Dance Off always goes down as one of the favorites. Four groups competed in the dance off, but only one could be given the trophy this year. The group Cinnamon Sugar coached by Kacie Hiatt came out on top after everything was done.  “It was 100 percent heart. We danced for more than ourselves that night; we danced for 1) Porter, 2) Micheal Jackson, and 3) For the impoverished children in Africa, namely Ghana. Cinnamon Sugar would like to thank their instructor and choreographer Kacie W. Hiatt. We deserved that victory.” Said Jaxon Munns from the Cinnamon Sugar crew. But unlike last year, all the dances were  well prepared, and one could tell the coaches and performers actually put some time and thought into these creative dances. There were four groups performing in this year’s dance off; Cinnamon Sugar coached by Kacie Hiatt, Neon Black Crew coached by Erin Mcmurray and Rachel Fitzgerald, Sub Zero coached by Kari Turner, and BADA’s coached by Sierra Poulsen. With a total of 1200 dollars raised for the make a wish foundation, the Manhawk Dance Off was an absolute success.                
by JT Atkinson and Jacob Durfey