SHHS competes in Region Drama Competition

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Wed, 03/27/2013 - 10:08


Our students did VERY WELL at the region drama competition this week.Our One--Act took straight superiors AND best ensemble!And Connor Ramos received the best character awardStudents who took straight superiors or overall superiors in the individual events, qualifying them for state competition are:Contemporary ScenesConnor Ramos and Joey Shearer - overall superiorsSamantha Ellis and Jessica Raadgep - overall superiorsClassical Scenes Jason Cox and Adrienne Cox - straight superiorsSariah Lee, Elizabeth Mitchell, and Gordon McKay - straight superiorsSteven Goodsell and Jeff Crippen - straight superiorsDramatic MonologuesMaddy Miller - straight superiorsJared Rasmussen - overall superiorsHumorous MonologuesMaddy Shearer - straight superiorsAmmon Flint - overall superiorsStephanie Peck - overall superiorsPantomimeLauren Bennett and Sabrina Julian - straight superiorsBrian Wickham and Richard Call - overall superiorsMusical TheaterHayden Berg - overall superiorsTaiza Savage - overall superiorsThey have worked hard and long and we are incredibly proud of all of them!!!