Senator Hatch comes to Salem Hills High School on 9/11

Submitted by angela.nederhand on Thu, 09/17/2015 - 11:08

SALEM, UT – Senator Orrin Hatch came to Salem Hills High School to honor veterans at the 3rd Annual Military Appreciation football game on September 11, 2015.  During his visit he made a special speech to veterans before sharing the football field with them for the 9-11 commemoration. Veterans and their families enjoyed a free meal, plus admission to the football game.

“You are the basis of our country,” he told the veterans of both Spanish Fork and Salem, “You’re the reason why our country is the greatest in the world.”

After his speech he took the time to take pictures and shake hands with veterans and their families.  Shortly after, both Spanish Fork and Salem Hills football teams marched onto the field, followed by Sen. Hatch and the honored veterans.  Cannons boomed to remember the victims and their families of the tragic 9-11 bombings and plane crashes.  While hearing the booms of the cannon, Sen. Hatch, the veterans and the football players hung their heads respectfully.

“We hope we can give you the support you deserve,” Sen. Hatch related to the veterans.  “I want you all to know how much I personally appreciate you, and love you, and appreciate what you’ve done for our country.”

Following the ceremony, Salem Hills got off to a great start with an early touchdown.  Both teams played hard, but Spanish Fork pulled ahead with a win of 21-14.  

Angela Nederhand