Class Scheduler open until midnight Thursday

Submitted by wade.tischner on Fri, 01/09/2015 - 14:28
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The class scheduler in Aspire is now open for all students to make any necessary changes to their schedules for 2nd semester.  This scheduler is an integrated part of Aspire; it is not the same one we used before.  There may be some bumps in the road.  If you encounter trouble contact your counselor early next week.

There is a basic tutorial on how to access this option in our website along the left hand side of the site titled “Scheduling Instructions”.  This link will give you very basic information but enough to help you navigate the process and make most changes.

There are certain class options that may require counselor help such as TA’s, ALC, Internships, MATC etc.

Please be careful while making any changes to your schedule, for instance, if you drop a class you may not be able to add it back.