5x5 Coming our way

Submitted by wade.tischner on Fri, 03/22/2013 - 13:48
What exactly is the 5x5 block schedule?

This is a modification of the current 4x4 block schedule we currently use.  Students will have 5 classes on A-days and 5 classes on B-days.  Classes will be approximately 65 minutes vs. 83 minutes. Classes will still run either a semester or a year in length.  Each semester will be divided into terms as currently practiced.  Grades will be posted each term.

Why change to a new 5x5 class schedule?

It provides smaller core class sizes, intervention opportunities, more class choices  whether they are preparing for college or a career. The new schedule also allows us to double block specific classes where students need extra time in content. With the 5x5 scheduling, students will have the opportunity to take ETA classes.

What are ETA Classes?


These classes allow time for additional instruction, homework and study time with teachers to ask questions and to obtain course specific interventions.

Double blocked classes?

Certain classes will have the option of double-blocking. They will be taught both A and B days during the same period.  Secondary Math 2 and a few of the AP classes are being closely looked at for this type of intervention.  Daily time in certain math courses to ensure mastery is one of our primary goals.

What about AP classes?

AP and Concurrent Enrollment classes may have an optional ETA class when enrolled in one of these classes. This will help students who struggle with time restraints to keep up with the demand of these classes.

When will this new schedule begin?   2013 – 2014 school year