Heart of a Skyhawk Principal's Pin

Submitted by kylynn.james on Mon, 10/11/2021 - 16:13
Heart of a Skyhawk Principal's Pin Award

Earn an awesome Heart of a Skyhawk Principal Pin, to add to your letterman's jacket, FFA jacket, resume etc...

  • Attend at least seven school events to support other programs/students. 
    • Go to school events & positively cheer on your peers! 
    • This cannot include those sports/activities that you participate in.
  • Complete a minimum of one service oriented activity that helps the school 
    • Examples: food drives, pick up trash in the parking lot, offer to help with special events - Make a Wish etc
  • To earn your pin complete the following:
    • Take a photo of the event you are attending
    • Post to instagram & tag @salem_hills as well as use the #’s:
      • #shhsheartofaskyhawk #shhsoneheartbeat
        • If you do not have instagram take pictures and show them to one of the administrators!

Once you have completed all eight events (7 activities + 1 service) schedule a meeting with one of the administrators to review your involvement!