SHHS Sterling Scholars Announced

Congratulations to:

Tyler Moore – Math

Megan Brockbank – English

Maryn Turley – Social Science

Danny Jimenez – Science

Cristina Knapp – Foreign Language

Aubrie Turner – Computer Technology

Garrett May – Skilled and Technical Education

Cortney Crook – Family and Consumer Sciences

Meghan Taylor – Business and Marketing

Collin Preece – Speech and Drama

Blaine McMurray – Visual Arts

Kylie Anderson – Music

Carissa Moser - Dance


Skyhawk Smackdown Results

Our debate team held their yearly Smackdown and wow look at these results!

1st--Salem Hills 91
2nd--Lone Peak 74
3rd--Maeser Prep  56
4th--Hunter  51
5th--ALA 50

3rd--Westley Cook
5th--Sierra King

1st--Collin Preece
2nd--Emily Hedelius
3rd--Westley Cook
5th John Hill

Humurous Interp
5th Ethan Adams

New Anchor--Novice
2nd--Audrey Carrington

News Anchor--Open
2nd--Blake Alanis and Chase Dietz
4th--Kaleb Richardson and Tyler Jackson