A Wish Came True...

by Courtney Howell


Only a year has passed since Salem Hills’ ’09 Student Council first introduced Sarah Prince to the student body, and issued the challenge of uniting as a school to raise the funds needed to grant her wish through the Make-A-Wish program.
Sarah’s speech that day touched each heart as she explained her condition-the tumor in her brain- and the long, exhausting process done to help reduce the tumor. She told the school about her love for reading, specifically her love for Jane Austin’s books. Sarah wished to visit England, particularly the area where the stories she loved took place. Her mother, Rose, stood by Sarah’s side as she struggled to speak to such a large, yet supportive group of peers.
Over the next few weeks, Salem Hills High School and the Salem community donated generously. They raised enough for Sarah’s trip, and were able to contribute to another child’s wish.
However, Sarah didn’t just get her trip; she made friends. 
The support the Skyhawks gave, the love they showed, and the hellos and hugs in the halls meant the world to this young girl. She became a little sister to many. Seeing her sweet smile made everyone’s day better.   The Skyhawks wanted her to be happy and to feel safe. 

Salem Hills has another opportunity to grant a child’s wish in the next few weeks. His name is Porter. He wants to go to Disneyworld. Salem’s Student Council has carefully planned out the events and activities that will get the community involved in changing his life. They will incorporate his likes, and personalize each day entirely for him. Just like with Sarah, having him feel the love and support that only they can give will make his life easier, and his wish can come true.