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Bitter Rivalry ends in Salem Victory

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Wed, 02/10/2010 - 13:47
By Jordan Geyerman

            The game between Payson and Salem is always excitedly anticipated by parents and students alike; this game ended with the Skyhawks flying high, and the Lions crawling back to their lonely den.
            The game stayed very close, the two teams stayed within 4 points of each other. Until the 3rd quarter when the Skyhawks pulled ahead by 13 points making the score 43- 30. The 4th quarter started to look better for the Lions when they shortened the Skyhawks lead to 45-40.
            In the 4th quarter Salem Hills student Brendan Thayne was asked about the game he said, “We can win this game, we are a lot better than them.”
            The 4th quarter was filled with fouls, the Payson Lions had 7 fouls and the Skyhawks of Salem Hills had 5.
            The outcome of the game could have ended in a Payson victory; however, the lions had 3 of their 7 fouls in the last minute of the game. This gave the Skyhawks a chance to change the score from Payson 46 Salem 48, to Payson 46 Salem 51.
            This may have been a low scoring game but it was intense to the end and was a rip roaring, high flying, cold clocking game of Basket Ball.