ACT Prep Class Coming

Just wanted to make all parents/guardians aware that the high school is offering an ACT PrepClass to help students prepare for the October 26th ACT exam.  The class will will be held on two Saturdays: September 28th (this Saturday) and October 19th from 8AM-12Noon.  The cost is only $50 (a great rate for an ACT prep class) and covers both days. Anyone interested can pay their money at the Financial Office.  The class is first come, first serve.  

Sr College Day

Seniors will be attending Senior College Day this Tuesday, Sept 24, from 7:45-10:30am.  They start in the Auditorium and will then have the opportunity to visit with representatives from 3 different Colleges to get specific information about the application process as well as other information.  This is a BEST DRESS day for Seniors.

Parent Teacher Conferences

Our parent teacher conferences will be held on Wednesday, September 18th from 3:30-7:30pm.  This is a great way to get to know your students' teachers, to clarify any questions, and to address any concerns.  The teachers will all be located in the Gym.

Also that same day we will be having a Staff Development Day.  This is one of 4 different days set aside for our teachers to recieve training.  Students will be let out of school at 11:15, their busses will be running early to take them home when school is out.

Salem Hills Lashays at BDT Camp


The Salem Hills Lashays have recently returned from BDT camp where they recieved an award for military technique as well as for being the Most Hardworking Team. We also want to mention Maddie Jones and Maddie Hanson for being Top 5 drill down winners, Maddie Jones for being selected for Top Corp Top 5, Maddie Hanson and Kaylee Tervort for being in the top 35, and Maddie Hanson for being chosen as the BDT Rockstar! Congratulations girls!For more information, visit

New 5x5 Bell Schedules

1.  Regular Schedule                           4.  Club Day

1st    7:55-9:00                                      1st    7:55-8:55

2nd    9:05-10:10                                   2nd    9:00-10:00

3rd    10:15-11:20                                  3rd    10:05-11:05

Lunch  11:20-11:55                               Lunch 11:05-11:40

4th    12:00-1:05(Anmt)                         4th    11:45-12:45

5th    1:20-2:25                                       Club Time 12:45-1:15(Anmt)

5th    1:25-2:25 


2.   Collaboration (Wed.)                   5.   Monday Make-Up

1st    7:55-8:50                                       1st    7:55-8:55    

2nd    8:55-9:50                                      2nd    9:00-10:00

3rd    9:55-10:50                                     3rd   10:05-11:05    

Lunch 10:50-11:25                                 Lunch 11:05-11:40               

4th    11:30-12:25 (Anmt)               4th    11:45-12:45

5th    12:40-1:40                                   5th    12:50-1:50

Make-up Time 1:50-2:25 


3.   50 min Assem. Sch.            6.   A/B Last Day        

1st    7:55-8:50                                    1st    7:55-8:10    6th 9:35-9:50

2nd/Assm 8:55-10:45                              2nd    8:15-8:30    7th 9:55-10:10                                     

3rd    10:50-11:45                         3rd    8:35-8:50    8th 10:15-10:30

Lunch 11:45-12:20                         4th    8:55-9:10    9th 10:35-10:50

4th    12:25-1:25                                   5th    9:15-9:30    10th 10:55-11:15

5th    1:30-2:25                                    



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SHHS has had a busy Science Department

Brad Shuler


Nebo Science Fair Finalists:


Caitlin Peers & Justus Thomas

Jessica Cory


Central Utah Science and Engineering Fair:


Caitlin Peers & Justus Thomas-  

  • Microbiology - 1st Place
  • Dean's Awards
  • Yale Science & Engineering Association Award
  • Society for In-Vitro Biology
  • Westminster $4000 Scholarship

Jessica Cory-

  • Westminster $4000 Scholarship

The Fairchild Challenge at Thanksgiving Point:


Salem Hills High School-  1st Place ($1,000 award)


Students who won individual awards:

  • Elisabeth Haun
  • Aubrie Turner
  • Sydney Shuler
  • Cierra Powell
  • Adam Boden
  • Jessica Nielson
  • Danny Jimenez
  • Caleb Walker
  • Harrison Shuler

2013 Utah Envirothon Competition:


Team 1-  Elisabeth Haun, Sydney Shuler, Justus Thomas, Caitlin Peers, Sierra King

  • Took 3rd Place Over-all

Team 2-  Caleb Walker, Danny Jimenez, Ashton Newell, Paige Robison, Taylor Dawe

  • Took 1st Place in Range Management Field Event


2013-2014 Lashays Drill Team Announced


The Lashays held their tryouts recently and 23 girls have been
selected for the 2013-2014 Lashays Drill Team. Congratulations to
these amazing Lashays!!
Alicia White
Alyssa Clark
Anna Wessel
Callie Johnson
Cheyenne Hill
Courtnee Herbert
Danna Wilson
Emily Jones
Jentry Snow
Kaitlin Adams
Kaylee Tervort
Keilani Fifita
Kendra Provstgaard
Maddie Brimhall
Maddie Hanson
Maddie Jones
Mckell Ferre
Mckenna Glazier
Mckennah Scott
Morgan Blanchard
Shayla Mortensen
Summer Christensen
Taisha Howard