Manhawk Dance-off Fundraiser

by JT Atkinson and Jacob Durfey
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Among many of the events going on for the Make A Wish week, the Manhawk Dance Off always goes down as one of the favorites. Four groups competed in the dance off, but only one could be given the trophy this year. The group Cinnamon Sugar coached by Kacie Hiatt came out on top after everything was done. 
“It was 100 percent heart. We danced for more than ourselves that night; we danced for 1) Porter, 2) Micheal Jackson, and 3) For the impoverished children in Africa, namely Ghana. Cinnamon Sugar would like to thank their instructor and choreographer Kacie W. Hiatt. We deserved that victory.” Said Jaxon Munns from the Cinnamon Sugar crew.
But unlike last year, all the dances were  well prepared, and one could tell the coaches and performers actually put some time and thought into these creative dances. There were four groups performing in this year’s dance off; Cinnamon Sugar coached by Kacie Hiatt, Neon Black Crew coached by Erin Mcmurray and Rachel Fitzgerald, Sub Zero coached by Kari Turner, and BADA’s coached by Sierra Poulsen. With a total of 1200 dollars raised for the make a wish foundation, the Manhawk Dance Off was an absolute success.

A Wish Came True...

by Courtney Howell
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Only a year has passed since Salem Hills’ ’09 Student Council first introduced Sarah Prince to the student body, and issued the challenge of uniting as a school to raise the funds needed to grant her wish through the Make-A-Wish program.
Sarah’s speech that day touched each heart as she explained her condition-the tumor in her brain- and the long, exhausting process done to help reduce the tumor. She told the school about her love for reading, specifically her love for Jane Austin’s books. Sarah wished to visit England, particularly the area where the stories she loved took place. Her mother, Rose, stood by Sarah’s side as she struggled to speak to such a large, yet supportive group of peers.
Over the next few weeks, Salem Hills High School and the Salem community donated generously. They raised enough for Sarah’s trip, and were able to contribute to another child’s wish.
However, Sarah didn’t just get her trip; she made friends. 
The support the Skyhawks gave, the love they showed, and the hellos and hugs in the halls meant the world to this young girl. She became a little sister to many. Seeing her sweet smile made everyone’s day better.   The Skyhawks wanted her to be happy and to feel safe. 

Salem Hills has another opportunity to grant a child’s wish in the next few weeks. His name is Porter. He wants to go to Disneyworld. Salem’s Student Council has carefully planned out the events and activities that will get the community involved in changing his life. They will incorporate his likes, and personalize each day entirely for him. Just like with Sarah, having him feel the love and support that only they can give will make his life easier, and his wish can come true. 

Salem Hills Secures Spot in Playoffs

Josh Adams pass in game vs. Payson

Salem Hills secured their spot in the 2009 playoffs by winning Payson 29-22 Friday Night.

Things didn't look good for the Skyhawks as they fumbled deep in their own territory in the first quarter. Payson capitalized on the turn over and scored a touchdown.

Salem Hills didn't roll over and give up. They had a great march down the field that was finished off by a 1 yard TD run by Phil Sorensen.

The next score of the game came when Josh Adams kept the ball on a quarter back option and scampered 56 yards for a touchdown to put the Shyhawks up 14-7 at the half.

The Shyhawks started the 2nd half where they left off as Josh Adams connected with Josh Fifita for a 22 yard touchdown reception.

Payson, however, wasn't ready to go home yet. They scored 15 unanswered points, and with five minutes to go in the game they took the lead 22-21 over the Shyhawks.

On the ensuing kick off the Skyhawks put together a drive that was capped off by a 24 yard TD pass from Josh Adams to Josh Warr in the corner of the endzone. This proved to be the game-winning pass as the final score was 29-22 for the Skyhawks, thus securing a spot in the 2009 4-A playoffs.