Another Patriotic Friday Morning at SHHS!



Once again students at SHHS gathered on Friday morning to sing the national anthem. We're so proud of the activities that our students have initiated to improve our school culture. 



Our Skyhawks of the Month for January are pictured above and listed below with their nominating teacher:

10th Grade Students-

·         Zane Zobell- Leavitt

·         Meg Weeks- Thompson

 11th Grade Students-

·         Jenna Davis- Lloyd

·         Sawyer Radke- VanLeuven

 12th Grade Students-

·         Brennan Cook- Morrell

·         Haylee Carlile- Morrell

New Year


We started the new year off with a special activity. Mr. Peery had a challenge for us all this morning during our Positive in the Present time. " I would like each student to pick a word that will change their life this year, narrow their focus, simplify and live with more clarity, purpose, and passion." Each teacher and student put their word on a sticky note and we put them in our hallway. This was an inspiring activity. Students stopped all day to read the words on the wall. This is going to be a great year and this was a great way to start it! What is your word?