Tennis Tournament - St. George


Congrats to the tennis team for a great showing at the St. George tournament this weekend!  Out of 12 teams, we took 1st place!!  Tanner Nicholls took 2nd at #1 singles, Parker Sonntag took 3rd at #2 singles, Mckay Asay took 1st at #3 singles and Ethan Condie and Riley Lewis took 1st at #1 doubles, and Levi and Booker Ward took 1st place at #2 doubles.

Our JV team dominated even more!  We took 3 doubles teams and they competed against 40 other teams.  We took 1st, 2nd and 4th.  Jayden Parkinson and Drew Meservy took 1st, Jason Cheny and Trevor Wilcox took 2nd and Brandon Mayo and Andrew Thomson took 4th.