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Skyhawks State Qualifiers

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Tue, 02/08/2011 - 14:48
Article by Joe Armstrong
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As divisional wrestling began to take place, Salem hills was proud to send twelve of their most elite wrestlers to compete in a tournament in which few prevail. Out of these twelve the Skyhawks sent nine to compete in the renowned state tournament: Derek Mangleson, Craig Findalay, Zack Darling, Chase Wilson, Spencer Davis, Scott Isacson, Stetson Talon and Walker Vantasle.
Derek Mangleson has been a huge part of the Skyhawk team. Only a junior, Derek is a favorite to compete for the state heavy weight title. If Derek were able to achieve this amazing feat he would be the second to do so in Salem Hills’ history. He would join Philip Sorenson who won the state title at 189 last year. “Derek is a great wrestler.” said assistant coach Clay Denton. “He is strong in every aspect of the sport and should be a good contender.” A big part of a successful team is confidence in the coaches. And according to wrestler Nate Jellum they have that. “We trust our coaches to lead us to victory,” said senior JT Atkinson. All in all, the Skyhawk wrestling team will have a good challenging run in the state playoffs.