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SHHS Weekly Newsletter 10

Submitted by curtis.burton on Tue, 11/24/2015 - 13:10
Curtis Burton
We appreciate all our Field and Court Prep Crew does to help our teams be ready to play.

Henri Frederic Amiel, the Swiss philosopher stated, "Thankfulness is the beginning of gratitude. Gratitude is the completion of thankfulness. Thankfulness may consist merely of words. Gratitude is shown in acts."   

At Salem Hills High School we are certainly appreciative of the acts of gratitude that are "shown" to our school, and it is our sincere hope that we reciprocate that gratitude in our actions with this community as well. As we work together to help our students be successful, we hope you understand how thankful we are as an administration, faculty, and staff that we have the support of this school community that we do. Through your interactions with us, we hope our gratitude, for your support, is reflected in our correspondence and relationships with you. You are an awesome school community! Thank you!    

Skyhawk Highlights:

SHHS Sterling Scholar Winners: Congratulations to this year's talented winners of the Sterling Scholar: Bethany Davis (English), Paige Simmons (Math), Maleah Cook (Social Science), Noah Larsen (Science), Alyson Jardine (World Languages), Tyson Jones (Computer Technology), Sierra Draper (Business and Marketing), Kyla Rogers (Skilled and Technical Sciences), Amanda Wilcox (Family and Consumer Sciences), Caleb Sly (Speech/Theater Arts/Forensics), Sarah Deeb (Visual Art), Bryce Marsh (Vocal Performance), Kylee Vest (Instramental Music), and Sarah Tipton (Dance). We are proud that this excellent group of students are representing our school as this year's Sterling Scholars.  

SHHS Skyhawks Debate: Congratulations to the debate team for winning Sweepstakes at the T-Bird Tempest: International Extemporary: Elise Bauer (1st); Impromptu: Alea Simmons (4th), Caleb Sly (5th), and Mason Lindstrom (5th); Congress: Bethany Davis (3rd); Licoln Douglas: Brayden Cook (1st) and Mike Abbott (3rd); Public Forum: Elise Bauer and Brennan Cook (4th); SPAR: Seth Christensen (2nd), Frank Phillipsen (2nd), Sarah Tipton (4th), Caleb Sly (4th), Addison Hicks (5th), and Mason Lindstrom (5th); National Extemporary: Katie Vaughn (4th); Oratory: Sierra Draper (1st) and Jimmy Creighton (5th); Policy: Richard Wagner and Josh Bauer (1st) and Zac Robison and Caleb Sly (2nd); Parliamentary: Brayden Cook and Brennan Cook (1st) and Josh Bauer and Richard Wagner (2nd).

Our debate program also hosted their annual SHHS Smackdown debate tournament last weekend (11/13 and 14). It was the largest tournament yet with 29 schools participating from Park City HS to Grand HS and 856 entries! Our SHHS team took 1st overall with many students contributing to the win: Public Forum: Amy Robinson and Maleah Cook (3rd); Policy: Adam Johnson and Zac Robison (5th) and Josh Bauer  and Frank Phillipsen (6th); Character Spar: Seth Christensen (1st), and Jimmy Creighton (5th); Declamation: Wyatt Shively (1st), Austyn Thomas (3rd), and Brennan Cook (4th); Poetry: Meagan Welton (1st), Bethany Davis (3rd), and Wyatt Shively (5th); Congress: Bethany Davis (3rd) and Ben Brimhall (6th). Congratulations Mr. Welton and the debate team!

SHHS and PTSA Reflections Winners: Congratulations to this year's winners of the annual PTSA Reflections contest: Hannah Wheelwright, Amber Maddock, Brooke Terry, and Linda Taeger each won the Award of Excellence for Literature; Baylee Ewell, Devan Ashcraft, Amber Maddock, and Miranda Tarter each won the Award of Excellence for Photography; and Dana Wilson, Johnathon Tullis, Kate Maddock, and Amber Maddock each won the Award of Excellence for Visual Arts. Addison Albrecht received Honorable Mention for Visual Arts as well. Brooke Terry also received Honorable Mention at the council level. Way to go Reflections winners!    


SHHS Haiku Mania Winners: Mrs. Lesue-Smithey's classes recently contributed to and competed in her annual Haiku Mania writing contest. The theme was "Glimpses of Nature" and winners included Mathew Desantiago (B1, 1st) and Kortney Ross, (B1, 2nd); Beau Thurgood (B2, 1st) and  Heidi Sorensen (B2, 2nd) tied with Selena Marquardson (B2, 2nd); Josh Bauer (B5, 1st) and Morgan Radke (B5, 2nd). Congratulations also go out to Sierra Ivie, Sam Chandia, Mallory Hanks, Kaden Kunz, Gemma Busto, Bryson Swalberg, and Anne Lauritzen.

Skyhawk Happenings and Information:

  • Next Week, November 30-December 4, we will be having a Wellness Week here at SHHS; Monday will be a day of service, and service opportunities can be selected from the Service Tree; Tuesday is "Be a Friend" day, and we will have an assembly, "Find Your Kryptonite", to emphasize the importance of being a friend; Wednesday is a "Social Connections" day, and there will be a parent night here at SHHS at 7:00 PM to promote social awareness;   Thursday will be a "Manage Stress" day, and there will be yoga in the commons at lunch; and Friday will be a day to focus on getting healthy amounts of sleep, and students are encouraged to wear school-appropriate pajamas to school as part of this focus. 
  • The Counselors will continue to meet with 10th-grade students and their parents through December 11.  This is a great opportunity for 10th graders and their parents to review their plans for graduation and to start to explore options available in getting ready for college and careers.  Students and parents can set up an appointment on the Counseling Office website.  The password is shhs at the following website:
  • Our PTSA will be doing a fundraiser at Cafe Zupas in Spanish Fork on December 1. If you eat there between 5:00 and 9:00 PM then our school gets the proceeds of 25% of your order! Come and support this fundraising opportunity for our school!
  • The SHHS Dance Company will be presenting their first performance of the year on December 3 and 4 at 7:00 PM in the auditorium. The show is titled "Happiness is...", and the company has been working really hard to prepare for and present this show. The cost is $6 general admission, $4 for students, and $20 for a family pass.  Come and support our awesome dance company!
  • On December 5  at 5:30 PM our Concert Choir, Serendipity, and Singers will be performing their "Arise, Shine" show at the Assembly Hall on Temple Square in Salt Lake City. 
  • The "Wintertide: A Holiday Musical Celebration" will be on December 16 at 7:00 PM in the auditorium and will feature SHHS Choirs and Orchestras. The cost is $8 for individuals, $5 for students, children, military, and senior citizens, and $30 for a family pass. The price of admission includes a reception to follow the show.
  • Concurrent enrollment application and registration deadlines for the spring semester are coming up. January 20 is the application deadline for UVU, and January 22 is the registration deadline for classes. Mrs. Sarah Call has emphasized that if students can get registered before the semester starts, it will make everything easier for everyone involved. For questions regarding the application and registration process, contact Sarah Call at; students should apply for concurrent enrollment courses at
  • Student Spirit Shirts are available in the bookstore. They come in Navy, White, and Columbia. They can be purchased individually for $8 dollars or as a pack of three for $20. Support our school, its teams, programs, clubs, and organizations by wearing your Skyhawk pride with one of these awesome shirts!
  • For those who need to serve detention time, detention will be held before school in room C 209 with Mrs. Edmondson, and during lunch, and after school in room C 207 with Mr. Shumway. The cost is $1 before and after school; lunchtime detention has no charge.
  • Remember to share all the awesome , inspiring, and heroic things that are going on at SHHS with #shhshero.
  • Be sure to like us on facebook at

Next  Week at a Glance: (11/30/15 - 12/5/15)

Monday: Wellness Week: "Day of Service"

                  Football Banquet in the Cafeteria @ 6:00 PM

Tuesday: Wellness Week: "Be a Friend"

                  Wrestling here versus Delta @ 7:00 PM

                  Girls Basketball @ Carbon (Sophomores @ 3:30; JV @ 5:15; Varsity @ 7:00 PM)   

Wednesday: Wellness Week: "Social Connections"

                        Volleyball Banquet in the Cafeteria @ 3:30 PM

Thursday: Wellness Week: "Manage Stress"

                    Dance Company Showcase in the Auditorium (6:00 PM)

                    Footlocker Invitational in California

                    Girls Basketball at the Desert Hills Tournament

 Friday: Wellness Week: "Get Enough Sleep"

               Dance Company Showcase in the Auditorium (6:00 PM)

               Footlocker Invitational in California

               Girls Basketball at the Desert Hills Tournament

               Skyhawk Showdown Wrestling Tournament (3:00 - 10:00 PM)

               Swimming at Canyon View Invitational

Saturday: Footlocker Invitational in California

                  Girls Basketball at the Desert Hills Tournament

                  Skyhawk Showdown Wrestling Tournament (8:00 AM - 3:00 PM)

                  Swimming at Canyon View Invitational

                  "Arise, Shine" Choir Performance at Assembly Hall, Temple Square (5:30 PM)