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SHHS Newsletter 19

Submitted by curtis.burton on Fri, 04/29/2016 - 16:28
Curtis Burton
2016-2017 Choir Tour Awards

I think William James, an American philosopher and psychologist of the late 1800s, got it about right when he stated, "I don't sing because I'm happy; I'm happy because I sing." With our choirs doing so well on their recent tour, there was plenty of happiness, associated with music, to go around. There was the happiness experienced by our students as a result of their accomplishments and nationally acclaimed performances, and there was the happiness that they helped to deliver to the audiences they regaled with their vocal talents.

Each week our students infuse our school with an awesome musical pick-me-up.  On Friday mornings, several students from several classes sing the National Anthem in the main commons area of our school's entry. This fast growing tradition has become a highlight of the week, and pretty much everyone, turns out to be a part of it, whether singing or listening. It's a such a great tradition.

We appreciate our students being so willing to share their talents with our school. Whether it be vocal or instrumental musical performing, artistic expression (we've got a great art show going in the library right now), dance (we've got a show going on tonight in the auditorium), or athletic performances, the extracurricular talents our students bring to our school make it such an awesome place! It's my great pleasure to watch our SHHS students perform. Thank you for allowing them to share their talents with us.

Skyhawk Highlights:

SHHS Choir Tour: By Justin Bills: On our recent SHHS choir tour, our choir participated in a national music festival run by WorldStrides International, that included 50 different ensembles representing 22 schools from around the United States--including Alaska!  The judges were professional musicians and university professors.

Four of our SHHS Choirs sang in the festival: Serendipity, Concert Choir, Singers, and Men's Camerata.  All four of these choirs earned gold ratings, meaning the scores they earned were above 90 out of 100 possible points.  Concert Choir and Singers both earned first place in their respective divisions.

A few ensembles received a special recognition called the "Adjudicator Award" meaning their average score was at least 95/100. 7 of the 50 ensembles received this award, including Salem Hills Concert Choir, Singers, and Men's Camerata.

Salem Hills Singers also received the Top Choir Score Award, meaning that out of 27 choirs in the festival, Singers earned the highest scores!

Salem Hills High School also won the coveted Choral Sweepstakes Award, which is awarded to the school choir program represented in the festival by at least two choirs, that had the highest average scores.  There were 13 schools represented by the 27 choirs in the festival, and Salem Hills Choirs won this award.

Finally, two of our awesome students at Salem Hills who are soloists in Salem Hills Singers earned an award called the "Maestro Award" which honors individual students who make an impression on the judges.  Erica Gebert and Jenna Rhodes both won this award for their awesome solos!  Only 6 other students won this award in the festival.

SHHS 2016-2017 Student Council: Congratulations to the members of next year's SHHS Student Council:

SHHS Student Body Officers: President: Adam Johnson, Secretary: Shina Parrish, VP of Community Service: Katie Newman, VP of Assemblies: Sheppard Sonntag,  VP of Publicity: Emma Fleming, VP of Events: Thomas Flinders, VP of Student Relations: Michael Winder, Artist: Natalie Wilcox, Cinematographer: Ethan Mayfield, and Historian: Rachel Fletcher.

Senior Class Council: President: Conner Campbell, Vice-President: Brandon Griffiths, Secretary: Isaac Leavitt, and Representative: Monson McKay.

Junior Class Council: President: Haylee Carlile, Vice-President: Seth Christensen, Secretary: Micah Button, and Representative: Taylor Cowley.

Sophomore Class Council: President: Shawn Thorne, Vice-President: Nicole Marsh, Secretary: Kenzie Wilkinson, Representative: Gavin Lamb, and Representative: Rebecca Knapp.

Skyhawk Happenings and Information:

  • This year's SHHS Prom will be on Saturday, April 30. The promenade will be from 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM in the SHHS Auditorium. The dance will be held at Quiet Meadow Farms in Mapleton from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM.
  • There will be a Spanish Club lunch meeting on Tuesday, May 3. Lunch will be provided and all members  of Spanish Club are invited to attend; the meeting will take place in Mr. Macdonald's room (E102).
  • There will be an important Drama Club meeting on Wednesday, May 4, at lunch in the drama room (B103). If you are part of Drama Club, please make an effort to be there.
  • Graduation Lei orders are now being taken! These leis are beautiful and made by our PTSA members. Order forms are available in the office or you can order and pay online at  
  • Offseason football workouts will be in the mornings from now on in the weight room starting at 5:50 AM and running until 7:05 AM every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday (This is a change from the Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday evening schedule the team's been following to this point). Team coaches will be present to assist in offseason strength training.
  • Graduation DVDs are available for pre-order at the finance office for $5 per copy.  These DVDs of graduation will be available for pickup at the finance office a day or two after graduation.
  • SHHS Seniors, it's time to check to see if you qualify for honor cords for graduation. Check the list on the counseling office window to see if you qualify; if you qualify, you can pay $5.00 for your cords at the finance office.  After payment, your cords will be included with your cap and gown packet that you will pick up on May 20.
  • Career Pathway applications have been sent to all seniors and their parents. If you're a senior and have completed a pathway you should fill out the application and submit it by May 5 to the counseling center (care of Mrs. Call). Once applications are received and approved, Career Pathway cords can then be purchased at the finance office for $5.00.
  • Nominations for the Spirit, Heart, Honor, Success Awards are due to the front office by 3:00 PM on May 6.
  • Applications for the Soaring Skyhawk Outstanding Senior Award are due to the front office by 3:00 PM on May 6. 
  • For those who need to work off detention time, Saturday detentions will be held May 7, 14, and 21, in Room C207, from 9:00 AM -12:00 PM (noon) on three of the next Saturdays. The cost for students $10 and you can earn four (4) hours of detention. Seniors should pay special attention to this announcement as they need to have all detentions served to be eligible to walk at graduation.
  • All Library books are due on May 13.
  • Remember to share all the awesome , inspiring, and heroic things that are going on at SHHS with #shhshero.
  • Be sure to like us on facebook at

Next  Week at a Glance: (5/2/16 - 5/7/16)

Monday: Offseason Football Workouts in the Weight Room (5:50 AM)

                  Choir Auditions (3:00 PM)

                  SHHS Baseball versus Maple Mountain HS (3:30 PM); JV to follow (5:15 PM)

                  Boys' Basketball Open Gym (5:30 PM)

Tuesday: SHHS JV Track Meet (3:00 PM)

                 Choir Auditions (3:00 PM)

                 SHHS Baseball @ Payson HS (3:30 PM); JV to follow (5:15 PM)

                 SHHS Softball @ Manti HS (3:30 PM); JV to follow (5:15 PM)

                 Volleyball Open Gym (3:30 PM)

                 SHHS Soccer here versus Maple Mountain HS (4:00 PM); JV to follow    

                 Boys' Basketball Open Gym (5:30 PM)

                 Social Dance Parents' Night

Wednesday: Offseason Football Workouts in the Weight Room (5:50 AM)

                        Choir Auditions (3:00 PM)

                        Boys' Basketball Open Gym (5:30 PM)

                        SHHS Jazz Band Concert (7:00 PM)

Thursday: Region Tennis Tournaments @ Spanish Fork/Maple Mountain (Time: TBA)

                   Volleyball Open Gym (3:30 PM)

                   SHHS Softball here versus Maple Mountain HS (3:30 PM); JV to follow (5:15 PM)

                   SHHS Baseball here versus Payson HS (3:30)

                   SHHS Singers Callbacks (4:00 PM)

                   Boys' Basketball Open Gym (5:30 PM)

Friday: Offseason Football Workouts in the Weight Room (5:50 AM) 

              Region Tennis Tournaments @ Spanish Fork/Maple Mountain (Time: TBA)

              SHHS Track @ BYU Invitational (Time: TBA)

              SHHS Soccer @ Spanish Fork HS (4:00 PM)

              SHHS Choir Lists Posted

              State Band Competition

Saturday: SHHS Track @ BYU Invitational (Time: TBA)

                   9:00 AM Saturday Detention

                  State Band Competition

                  Charity Concert (6:00 PM)