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SHHS Debate Domination!

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Tue, 03/01/2011 - 14:36
By Elizabeth Leach

Salem Hills High School debate team, despite only being a school for three years, has dominated the state debate competition for three years! This year of 2011 is the third year SHHS has won the exemplary accolade. SHHS students are very proud of the debate students for competing against Spanish Fork, Springville, Payson, even some students from Maple Mountain. Our debate students placed in every event they competed in,-- amazing! Some statistics from the tournament are as follows:
Kamala Poulsen- 1st Place Lincoln-Douglas
Joeseph Robinson- 2nd Place Lincoln Douglas
LoriAnn Poulsen- 1st Place Impromptu
Craig Applegate- 2nd Place Impromptu
Tammy Billings- 1st Place Student Congress
Erica Pratt- 3rd Place Oratory
Maryn Turley- 1st Place International Extemp
Stefen Allen- 3rd Place International Extemp
Carson Zellar and Asa Anderson- 1st Place Policy
Jonathon Diason and Eric Sealander- 2nd Place Policy
Afton Chambers and Taylar Allen- 1st Place Public Forum
Lauren Barlow and Kaitlyn Jones- 2nd Place Public Forum.

“All in all, we owned, dominated, and many other synonyms for eradicated, our competition at region”- Anonymous
“I feel really proud of our debate team, we went and won region and hopefully we will do just as well at State [Which is March 11-12 at East High School]. I think that our debate team has a really good chance doing really well at State.” Kamala Poulsen, Debate President.