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Quinton Needs Your Help!

Submitted by kacie.johnson on Tue, 04/29/2014 - 13:54

Quinton Muir, son of SHHS teacher Lori Muir, had a tumor relapse and is fighting cancer again.  In December, his routine scan showed tumor growth in new areas of his spinal cord.  The Primary Children's team began a series of chemotherapy in January; however, in March, Quinton was rushed by ambulance to Primary Children's in a state of partial paralysis.  It was determined his tumor was continuing to grow despite chemotherapy.

His team of doctors switched tactics and are now battling the tumor with radiation, so the family drives Q to the Huntsman Center every day for a total of five weeks to receive this treatment.  In addition to radiation, he is receiving a rare chemotherapy drug.  His fight with cancer is expensive, so we want to help support the Muir Family in offsetting some of the costs of his medical care.  

Ways to help:

-Consider donating sellable items from your home to our parking lot sale.  Call Leslie Gordon or Jan Daley at SHHS and they will set up a time for you to drop your items off at the school. (801-423-3200 ext 6)

-Come and shop at our yard sale and silent auction Saturday, May 17.  We already have some exciting items to offer, including swim passes, hair coloring/styliing services, and more!  

-Support "Q Week" this week.  SHHS will be competing with Salem Junior High, where Q currently atrtends.  

Thanks for your support!  Leslie Gordon, Jan Daley, Josie Reynaud, Annette Nelson and Carrie Christensen