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Oh that Racket!

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Thu, 03/24/2011 - 14:25
Nathan Christensen
Chris Beckett.JPG

It’s that time again, when the big hitters come out. No not the baseball, I am talking about tennis! We are going to have a great season this year. We have some of our old breed coming back stronger than ever.
Leading the way is our own Chris Beckett. He is our 1st singles player followed by a great back up squad. Mitchell Howell, Josh Chisholm, Mike Fructose, Michael Haskell, and Nathan Christensen are all coming back to show they mean business, many of them ranking in the Region competition last year.
We also have some new blood coming in that are very talented. Nathan Crook and Levi Lundquist, who are returning after solid freshmen performances, are coming back new and improved like the sports cars of tennis. Keaton Adams is also another promising individual who is coming in and is looking very good. We hope to have an even better season that we did last year.