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Drama Team is Superior at State Competition

Submitted by wade.tischner on Mon, 04/22/2013 - 13:59
Polly Dunn


Our theater students who qualified, competed at state this weekend. Following are our results.One-act - Straight Superiors       Outstanding Ensemble (out of 12 schools)       Outstanding Character Actor - Connor RamosClassical Scenes        Jeffrey Crippen and Steven Goodsell - 1st Place Overall  - straight superiors        Jason Cox and Adrienne Cox - overall superiorsContemporary Scenes       Connor Ramos and Joey Shearer - straight superiorsDramatic Monologues        Madeline Miller - straight superiors        Jared Rasmussen - straight superiorsHumorous Monologues       Madelyn Shearer - straight superiors       Ammon Flint - overall superiors       Stephanie Peck - overall superiorsPantomime        Lauren Bennett and Sabrina Julian - overall superiorsMusical Theater       Taiza Savage - straight superiors       Hayden Berg -  overall superiorsI am so proud of these students. They have worked long and hard!!!