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COVID-19 Policies for SHHS Athletics

Submitted by curtis.burton on Wed, 05/27/2020 - 13:49
Lee Gillie

COVID-19 Policies for SHHS Athletics 

Parents Policies

Utah is in “ Yellow Status,” meaning low risk. Our school will follow the direction from the state (, the UHSAA, the CDC, and the NFHS on returning safely to activity. 


We want to make you aware of the policies that are being implemented at SHHS in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. These policies will be currently updated and changed as the guidelines from the state, national and district level changes or as we see fit to benefit the student athletes at our school. We anticipate that new policies will be released before fall sports are started.

As a parent, you have the right to limit the activity of your athlete due to your comfort level. This includes but is not limited to: safe modifications of activities, limitation of contact activities, limitation of all activities on campus, limitations of competitions on or off campus. No penalties will be given to athletes and/or parents who are uncomfortable with participation.

If your athlete has any signs and/or symptoms associated with COVID-19 or any other communicable disease, please keep them home. If they have tested positive for COVID-19 and have come into contact with anyone at the school please notify us immediately. If your child has tested positive for COVID-19 a health check from their physician with a cardiac evaluation is required.

Pre-participation physicals will still be required and follow the same protocols as in years past. The policy is as follows:  Pre-participation physical exam date should be performed on or after April 15th to be valid for the following school YEAR through July 15th of that year.

Prior to each team activity such as lifting, drill work, or team practice, a symptom checklist will be completed for each athlete. Team equipment/ facility sanitation will occur during and after each use of shared equipment. This includes the wiping down of the weight room equipment after each athlete uses it. This also includes the cleaning of equipment such as a football after that group is done using it for that activity. Equipment that is personal such as shoulder pads and helmets will be sanitized before being sent home with the athlete. No locker rooms will be available for athletes to store equipment. Hand sanitizer will be available with each coach and will be encouraged to be used often when shared equipment is present. 

Athletes are required to bring their own water bottle and not share it with anyone. If possible we are asking athletes to bring their own hand sanitizer to carry around with them when possible. 

Athletes hygiene will be of the utmost importance. As a parent you can help to facilitate good practices at home that carry over to being in our facilities. We ask that you teach your children how to wash their hands correctly for 20 seconds and do so often. Encourage the use of hand sanitizers when hand washing is not available. We will require athletes to shower daily and suggest it happens as soon as they go home from their activity at the school. We also will require that their clothing/towels etc. used at the school be washed before it is worn again at the school. This includes practice jerseys, game jerseys, or other clothing worn for work outs. We understand that this can be time consuming, but it will help us follow the best practices to keep our athletes and student body safe as well as faculty and staff.

If there is an activity you would like to come and watch such as a scrimmage, we ask that you observe physical distancing and sit at least 6 feet away from other family groups.

If there are any protocol questions or other questions related to COVID-19 please feel free to reach out to your coach or the administration at SHHS. 

We look forward to seeing the return of our athletes and do not take lightly our duty to protect them. Thank you for your support during this unprecedented time. 


The Salem Hills High Administration, Athletic Director, and Athletic Trainer

Bart Peery

Brett White

Curtis Burton

Lee Gillie

Amy Bartholomew