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Congratulations to Two Outstanding Educators

Submitted by angela.nederhand on Thu, 11/05/2015 - 11:33
Angela Nederhand
Joe Hernandez holding his Crystal Apple Award.
Doug Welton and K.L. Tischner, from the Nebo Education Foundation, hold up the big check.

Yesterday, two of our awesome faculty memebers were given awards at the faculty meeting held after school.

A faculty member in the Special Ed Department, Joe Hernandez, won a Crystal Apple Award. During his acceptance speech he recognized other team memebers of the Special Ed department, whithout whom no one would be able to do their jobs.

Doug Welton, who teaches Debate and Japanese, was awarded a BIG CHECK from Nebo Education Foundation for a grant he wrote for a new laptop computer to assist his students.  He had a "three-way" grant with matching funds coming from several sources.  

Congratulations again to these #shhsheros!