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Boys basketball vs. West

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Fri, 12/10/2010 - 14:24
By Joseph Armstrong
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If one walks into the gym at Salem hills high school the night of a men’s basketball game and you will instantly feel the energy of the crowd and players; Thursday night was no different. “We play with a great energy on our team” said senior captain Jake Skinner “and we hope it transfers to our fans.” According to senior super fan Jordan Hanson, it works. “It is impossible to just watch a game here at the Hills; you stand and cheer till you can’t talk.” The team played a long hard game and, unfortunately, lost the contest by one point.
Fighting hard and taking control of the first quarter, they lost their lead going into the half down by ten. The boys came out stealing and controlling the ball as they went to rally past west. Up by one in the final second of the came a west player was fouled and given two free throws winning the game for his team by one point. In the end the Skyhawks played a great game with solid defense throughout holding a high scoring West team to a mere 57 points and putting up 56 of their own. London Simonsen led the Skyhawks with 21 points. The team has their heads held high as they prepare for future opponents.