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Announcement from the Choir!

Submitted by lori.cunningham on Fri, 09/14/2018 - 13:35

Good afternoon! I have decided to postpone the SHHS Mattress Sale until next Saturday, September 22nd. With the evacuation order still in effect, the possibility of home loss, and the poor air quality combined, tomorrow isn't the right time for us to move foward with the sale. The plan for now is to hold it next Saturday, September 22nd, 10am-5pm. If there isn't any improvement of the fire conditions, or if things worsen by next Saturday, I'll look at potentially rescheduling again. But, I'm optimistic that the wonderful firefighters will make good progress in the next few days and there won't be any losses. But, we'll keep a very close eye.                                                Thank you!             Justin Bills