May 2017

Ballroom Dance Company Auditions!

For the first time in Nebo School History we will have a Performing Ballroom Company! As a Company we will have the opportunity to not only perform in your own showcase, but to also attend competitions, workshops, and more. Auditions for the company will take place May 10-12 from 3-6pm. Join us as we make history!

Dance Company - Dare to Overcome

Our talented Dance Company will be having their final performances on May 8th and 9th at 7 pm. This year, the showcase is about daring to overcome our problems. While creating the pieces for this concert they were asked to dig a little deeper into some hard topics. Even though this semester’s theme is deep, we still have several upbeat dances in the show, like our Ballroom Clubs The Force, and Jr Dance Company’s Be Ok. We would love for you to share in this momentous concert. Tickets can be purchased at the door.