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December 2016

National Soccer All Region Team

Submitted by shea.bradshaw on Wed, 12/21/2016 - 14:43
Bart Peery

Congrats to Emily Stevens for being selected to the National Soccer Coaches Association of America's All Region Team.  The team is made up of players from 5 states and Emily is one of only 2 sophomores on the team - what and honor!

Athletes of the Week/Fan of the Week

Submitted by shea.bradshaw on Wed, 12/21/2016 - 14:38
Bart Peery

Our Student Athletes of the Week are Ammon Meyers from our swim team and Sadie Hodgson from our Lady Skyhawk basketball team.  Congrats on a job well done!

Our super fan of the week is the one and only Jayden Barnum.  He is a great leader of our "Do Rowdy Right" program.

Bell Schedule 2016-17

Submitted by liz.reynolds on Tue, 12/20/2016 - 07:36

Bell Schedules 2016-2017

1.  Regular Schedule                                            4. SHHS/Pep Assembly Time                           

1st         7:50-9:00                                                              1st                     7:50-8:55

2nd        9:05-10:10 (Anmt)                                              2nd                    9:00-10:00      

3rd        10:25-11:30                                                          3rd                    10:05-11:05

Lunch  11:30- 12:05                                                         Lunch               11:05-11:40

4th        12:10- 1:15                                                      4th                     11:45-12:45                            

5th        1:20-2:25                                                              SHHS Time       12:45-1:15                                                                                                                           

2.Collabortaion- Monday                                       5th                   1:20-2:25                                             

1st        7:50- 8:50                                                         5. Monday Make-Up/Mini-PTC                                                                             

2nd       8:55­-9:50 (Anmt)                                                 1st                   7:50-8:45

3rd        10:05- 11:00                                                         2nd                    8:50-9:50

Lunch   11:00-11:35                                                         3rd                   9:55-10:45

4th        11:40-12:35                                                     Lunch               10:45-11:20

5th        12:40-1:40                                                            4th                   11:25-12:15

                                                                               5th                    12:20-1:10

3. 50 Minute Assembly Schedule                   Monday M.      1:10-3:10

1st                    7:50-8:50                                              6. Extended Lunch

2nd                   8:55-9:50                                                 1st                    7:50-9:00

Assembly         9:55-10:45                                           2nd                  9:05-10:10 (No Anmt)

3rd                    10:50-11:45                                         3rd                   10:15-11:20

Lunch               11:45-12:20                                         Lunch               11:20-12:05

4th                    12:25-1:25                                           4th                   12:10-1:15

5th                    1:30-2:25                                             5th                   1:20-2:25


Debate Tournament Results

Submitted by shea.bradshaw on Mon, 12/19/2016 - 08:34

Congrats Skyhawks! 2nd place @ the Neill Warren Classic at Utah State East!!!

4th Impromptu---Rebeca Knapp
3rd LD---Hyrum Devenport
4th PF---Lindstrom and Knapp
5th PF---Thorne and Mantilla
2nd Spar---Shawn Thorne 
4th Spar---Hyrum Devenport
3rd Storytelling---Tatum Ward
5th Extemp---Adam Johnson 
1st Congress---Josh Kitchen
5th Policy---Wagner and Bigelow
2nd LD---Mason Lindstrom
3rd POI---Austyn Thomas 
5th Spar---Mason Lindstrom

154 points Park City
152 points Salem Hills
We were really close to winning it all! Overall, good job. I appreciate all of your hard work! We still some hard work in some key areas, but we're looking good.

Also, big shout out to our judges and chaperones! We couldn't even compete without you. Thank you for your service!


Wrestling Viewmont Tournament Results

Submitted by shea.bradshaw on Mon, 12/19/2016 - 07:19

Here is an update on wrestling.  We have Payson on Wednesday-our house!Viewmont Tournament: The wreslters wrestled super tough this weekend.  JV got second place and Varsity got 2nd also!  There were 38 teams in the tournament.  Jaxon Van Tassell went 5-0, got 1st place and received the Outstanding Wrestler award for the tournament.  He is also undefeated on the season and 22-0 on the year.  Kyle Larsen also went 5-0 and won the tournament for the 2nd year in a row!  Those two are wrestling at an elite level. 1st place-Kyle Larsen 160, Jaxon Van Tassell 1702nd place-Noah Patterson 126, Merrell Morley 1523rd place-Bryton Shepherd 120, Justin Martin 1704th place-Ryan Larsen 113JV placers:1st place: Nathan Vance 1952nd place: Luke Macdonald 106, Tegan Mortensen 1823rd place: Brandon Mayo 106, Carter Wilkey 1134th place: Tyler Goold 106, Steven Johnson 152Many of the brackets were 64 man and we had a ton of wrestlers go 3-2 or 4-2 and fell just short of placing.  All of the boys wrestled super tough.  This was a tough tournament.

Sterling Scholars

Submitted by shea.bradshaw on Fri, 12/16/2016 - 14:36

Sterling Scholar Winners 2017: Congratulations to these amazing students!English – Reagan Fausett Math – Brevan Ellefson Social Science – Connor Campbell Science – Benjamin Preece World Languages – Joshua Bauer Computer Technology – Hayden Henrie Business and Marketing – James Ebert Skilled and Technical Sciences – Nathan Vance Family & Consumer Sciences – Dayna Knuteson Speech/Theater Arts/ Forensics – Joshua KitchenVisual Art – Audrey Miller Vocal Performance – Thomas Flinders Instrumental Music – Benjamin Cardoza Dance – Carly Adamson

Monday Make-up Schedule 12/19/16

Submitted by liz.reynolds on Fri, 12/16/2016 - 13:14

Monday Make-Up/Mini-PTC 12/19/16

1st 7:50-8:45

2nd 8:50- 9:50

3rd 9:55-10:45

Lunch- 10:45-11:20

4th 11:25-12:15

5th 12:20- 1:10

M.M 1:10-3:10



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