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August 2012

First Day of School Information

Submitted by wade.tischner on Wed, 08/15/2012 - 14:13

All Students:
The following is general information for all students as they are preparing for the first day of school, which is Tuesday, August 21st. Students will begin their day in the auditorium for the Class Change Event, starting at 7:55 am. in the Auxilary Gym and ending at 9:10.   After the Class Change Event students will go to the Auditorium for the Hello Assembly. Students will attend all eight classes that first day of a school. August 22nd is an A day.

All teachers, administration, counselors and coaches will be involved in meetings and training in the mornings (8:00-1:00) on August 16th and 17th (Thursday and Friday). Therefore, students and parents will not have access to the counselors, administration or teachers at those times on those days.  They will be available in the afternoons.

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