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November 2011

Athletes of the Month - October

Submitted by jordan.daley on Thu, 11/03/2011 - 09:32
Trevor Newell and Emily Frazier

by: Trevor Newell            

Sierra Malm has been selected as the Athlete of the Month for November.  She is in cross country, and she loves the feeling of accomplishment.  Sierra’s personal record for the 5k (3.1 miles) is 18.40 minutes.  She placed 12th in state out of 150 runners.  She was the only girl at Salem Hills to go to state, and she was the best female runner out of the 150 runners. Her coach, Mr. Thompson, says, “She is the only girl that made it to state.  She is a great runner, a very hard worker, and she deserves all the success she’s had this season.  Everyone loves her, and she always runs well in the big races.”  Sierra is hoping to go to college at BYU or SUU. Congratulations and best of luck to sierra in the future.  

by: Emily Frazier 

Kyle Sacco has achieved athlete of the month for boy’s golf. Kyle has worked hard all year, finally getting the low round of the year for the team.  He got a 78 at Soldier Hollow golf course. Kyle also had the low average in the tournament for the year. Kyle explained that as the year went on he got a lot better and his scores got better also. Kyle’s quote that keeps him motivated and going is, “hard work beats talent, when talent doesn’t work hard.” Mr. Fillmore commented, “Kyle was fun to work with. He was fearless on the golf course. Sometimes he paid for the risks he took, but that was what made him fun and interesting to watch!” Kyle likes going and doing stuff with the team and says that, "It was an honor to be able to play with them". Kyle isn’t only interested in golf, but he loves all sports and anything that keeps him active. He wants to go to college after high school and hopes to be successful in whatever he does. Kyle is a great golfer and a hard worker. Congratulations! 

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