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March 2011

SHHS Production of Into the Woods

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Mon, 03/28/2011 - 14:08
by Jordan Geyerman and Nate Christensen
Into the.JPG

Coming April 22nd the SHHS spotlight players will be presenting “Into the Woods”, it will be presented 22nd, 23rd, 25thand 26th. This show is a twist on modernized fairy tales, in the words of Director Justin Bills, “It’s fairy tales telling human stories.”
When asked about his upcoming production Justin Bills said, “You think you know these fairy tales, but after watching this show you will learn a different view of the fairy tales, and about yourself.”
We asked Choreographer Polly Dunn about teaching these young high school students to dance she said, “We had a great time with it, the cast has a lot of high energy and focus”
The members of the cast are also excited about the show “Its really good, with a really talented cast,” said Charlie Flint. “The cast has been working really hard and we’re excited to perform.”
After the two extremely well performed shows SHHS has done this year, The Crucible and Les Miserables, I can say we are looking forward to another great show. So make sure you have at least one night free because all SHHS productions are worth seeing.

Oh that Racket!

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Thu, 03/24/2011 - 14:25
Nathan Christensen
Chris Beckett.JPG

It’s that time again, when the big hitters come out. No not the baseball, I am talking about tennis! We are going to have a great season this year. We have some of our old breed coming back stronger than ever.
Leading the way is our own Chris Beckett. He is our 1st singles player followed by a great back up squad. Mitchell Howell, Josh Chisholm, Mike Fructose, Michael Haskell, and Nathan Christensen are all coming back to show they mean business, many of them ranking in the Region competition last year.
We also have some new blood coming in that are very talented. Nathan Crook and Levi Lundquist, who are returning after solid freshmen performances, are coming back new and improved like the sports cars of tennis. Keaton Adams is also another promising individual who is coming in and is looking very good. We hope to have an even better season that we did last year.

Brooks Ward Earns Nebo's Classified Employee of the Year

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Thu, 03/17/2011 - 13:50
Jordan Geyerman and Nate Christensen
BrooksWard classified pic.jpg

Every year classified employees are selected and nominated by other employees in Nebo School District. After their names are submitted to the board, they are reviewed and one employee is selected as the classified employee of the year. This year Mr. Ward of Salem Hills High School was selected and awarded Nebo School District classified employee of the year.
In his off time Mr. Ward enjoys spending time with his family and doing activities with them.
He is also a huge sports fan; his favorite sport is baseball and his favorite team is the Yankees. He also likes football; his favorite football team is the Chicago Bears.
We would just like to say congratulations to Mr. Ward and keep up the fantastic work.

Mr. Skyhawk 2011

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Fri, 03/11/2011 - 14:02
By Trevor Williams

The event of Mr. Skyhawk just passed through, unveiling new winners. The contest consisted of 14 different but studly young men. Weekly activities went on during the week such as Kiss-A-King, Limbo and the Sexy Leg Contest. However, the grand finale was the show on Saturday.
The show consisted of a polished jungle dance choreographed by Nikki Ereksen and was followed by the talents of each individual. It was highlighted by contestants choosing to dance, sing or anything else that they are unusually talented at. To name a few, Michael Deveraux made famous a Justin Bieber rendition of dancing and singing as well as a crowd igniting performance of a mesh of Beatles’ songs made possible by Dalen Ficklin and Jordan Daniels. After that it was on to the swimsuit section and then to the evening attire. Questions were then asked to nervous young men as they did their best to attempt to create an adequate answer to on-the-spot questions.
At the end of the show, as the suspense proved too much to endure, the winners were announced: Mikhail Collins as Mr. Skyhawk, Michael Deveraux 1st attendant and Chance Carter as 2nd attendant. Only three were named as winners but all who participated enjoyed brotherly bonding in a playful/fierce competition that featured some of the greatest men on this planet.

Bart Thompson is Awarded Teacher of the Year at SHHS

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Wed, 03/09/2011 - 13:43
by Trevor Williams

Mr. Thompson recently received an e-mail. It was different than his others though, this was about winning the Teacher of the Year award.
It starts off with teachers nominating each other and then as they get deeper they have a poll of teachers that people can select and then they choose. Mr. Thompson came out on top. Thompson teaches mostly psychology classes and is also the coach for the track team. He felt honored that he was chosen but at the same time just keeps on doing what he is doing. No wonder he was picked.

Mrs. Hansen is awarded The Crystal Apple

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Wed, 03/09/2011 - 13:18
by Morgan Leavitt

Mrs. Hansen received the Crystal Apple from our school this year. She was nominated and voted on by our faculty here at Salem Hills. Mrs. Hansen has been teaching for twenty three years. We have been privileged enough to have her here teaching at our school since it opened. Previously, she worked at Carbon High School teaching core FCCLA type classes. She teaches family consumer science, sewing, foods, and child development. “She just feels lucky to be among students at SHHS,” says Mrs. Hansen.

Salem Hills at DECA State

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Mon, 03/07/2011 - 14:01
by Elizabeth Leach
DECA STATE 2011 002.jpg

DECA is an association of marketing students. Salem Hills High School’s chapter has about 7 active members with a handful of alternates. March 3-4 was the state competition, and Salem did respectively well. We had our own Brian Miller and Logan Bennet win third place in Business Law and Ethics. Brian Miller also won an award for his high test score. The rest of the members competed, did their best and had a blast! Logan and Brian are now eligible for Nationals, which is being held in Orlando Florida this year! Nationals will take place on the end of April. Salem Skyhawks are proud of their DECA members’ accomplishments.

SHHS Production of The Crucible

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Tue, 03/01/2011 - 14:42
Jordan Geyerman and Nate Christensen

Thursday February 24th Salem Hills High School opened The Crucible. It turned out very well for the cast as they performed to the best of their abilities and ended up having a full house 3 times, out of 4 performances, and 3 standing ovations.

“I feel it went very well.” Said Nathan Christensen, who plays Reverend John Hale, “one of the best experiences I’ve ever had, mostly working with the cast, crew, and our director, Mrs. Dunn.”

When audience member and SHHS student Paige Rawlinson was asked how she liked the show she said, “It was awesome it was very well done, I enjoyed the tech, the lighting was cool.”

“Overall it went very well the lights, sound, and stage techs all ran together smoothly and the show was fantastic.” Said Sound Techie Sten Issacsson

So in the end it seemed to go very well, and SHHS’s performing arts continue to get better and better, we will eagerly awaiting their next production Into the Woods in spring.

SHHS Debate Domination!

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Tue, 03/01/2011 - 14:36
By Elizabeth Leach

Salem Hills High School debate team, despite only being a school for three years, has dominated the state debate competition for three years! This year of 2011 is the third year SHHS has won the exemplary accolade. SHHS students are very proud of the debate students for competing against Spanish Fork, Springville, Payson, even some students from Maple Mountain. Our debate students placed in every event they competed in,-- amazing! Some statistics from the tournament are as follows:
Kamala Poulsen- 1st Place Lincoln-Douglas
Joeseph Robinson- 2nd Place Lincoln Douglas
LoriAnn Poulsen- 1st Place Impromptu
Craig Applegate- 2nd Place Impromptu
Tammy Billings- 1st Place Student Congress
Erica Pratt- 3rd Place Oratory
Maryn Turley- 1st Place International Extemp
Stefen Allen- 3rd Place International Extemp
Carson Zellar and Asa Anderson- 1st Place Policy
Jonathon Diason and Eric Sealander- 2nd Place Policy
Afton Chambers and Taylar Allen- 1st Place Public Forum
Lauren Barlow and Kaitlyn Jones- 2nd Place Public Forum.

“All in all, we owned, dominated, and many other synonyms for eradicated, our competition at region”- Anonymous
“I feel really proud of our debate team, we went and won region and hopefully we will do just as well at State [Which is March 11-12 at East High School]. I think that our debate team has a really good chance doing really well at State.” Kamala Poulsen, Debate President.

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