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October 2010

Salem Hills Choirs put on Fall Concert "Sing Me to Heaven"

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Tue, 10/19/2010 - 13:39
by Justin Bills
Sing me to heaven.jpg

On Wednesday night, October 6th, the combined choirs from Salem Hills High School put performed their fall concert, "Sing Me to Heaven." Justin Bills, their director, chose music ranging from classical and traditional to new, contemporary, and popular songs. It was a great concert featuring the Salem Hills Singers, Concert Choir, Serendipity, and Men's Camarata. The Concert Choir finished the concert by singing the title song, "Sing Me to Heaven," by Daniel Gawthrop, and then the combined choirs sand "I'm Runnin' On" by Mack Wilberg and then wrapped it all up with the school anthem, "We Are the Skyhawks."

Nebo School District high school choir students participate in Utah All-State Choir

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Tue, 10/19/2010 - 13:38
by Justin Bills
all state choir.jpg

Select students from Salem Hills, Payson, Maple Mountain, and Springville sang in the 700-voice Utah All-State Honor Choir this past Saturday in the Salt Lake Tabernacle. About 12 students from each of the four high schools were chosen to participate. They each had to attend special All-State rehearsals, and learn and prepare 6 pieces outside of their normal choir responsibilities. The choir, directed by Casper College Professor, Dr. Pat Patton, sang beautifully, to a sold out crowd Saturday night. Justin Bills, the Salem Hills choir director said, "This has been an incredible experience for all involved. Our schools and district were represented very well. We're so excited to continue this incredible tradition!"

SHHS Singers visit Mt. Loafer Elementary and Foothills Elementary

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Tue, 10/19/2010 - 13:37
by Justin Bills
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In preparation for their fall concert, the Salem Hills High School Singers visited both Mt. Loafer Elementary School and Foothills Elementary on Wednesday, October 6th. They performed selections for their concert and the students in the audience really loved the assemblies! Salem Elementary came to Salem Hills on Tuesday morning, October 5th for a similar assembly. The style was very casual, and everyone had a very good time.

Students of the month

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Wed, 10/13/2010 - 13:03
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Kamela poulsen.JPG
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Kamela Poulsen
Kamela Poulsen is a senior at Salem Hills. She is unable to pinpoint how she was chosen for this award but holds her dazzling smile and vibrant personality. Kamela enjoys being on the debate team and participating in mannerly arguments that at some times can become heated. In her free-time she takes pleasure in counting dots on the ceiling and having Halo parties in parking lots.

Who is Kimber Christiensen? Kimber is a junior and has a lot of great things that people have had to say about her. “She’s an all around good person” states Megan Wilson of Jr. Student Council. I met up with Kimber in her photography class taught by Mr. Call; all he had to say about her was “WOW”. Take that as a good comment. I asked Kimber why she was chosen to be student of the month. “ I really don’t know” she said “I walked in Mr. Callahan’s class one day and he said ‘I chose you to be student of the month’” This left me with asking Mr. Callahan why he had chosen Kimber. “I was looking through my role one day trying to find a good choice and Kimber walked in. I thought, ‘who could be better?’” Mr. Callahan replied. Kimber says she doesn’t quite know why this happened, for nothing like this has happened before. “All I know is that my parents were happy which is very good for me” she laughs.

Melanie Phillips
Melanie Phillips holds the age of a senior but the wisdom of a student of the month. She was hand-picked by Mrs. Boothe because she always tries to include people, generate team unity and overall strives to be a good leader. What makes Melanie successful is that she will never quit on a job until it is done. She always gives everything her best shot. Melanie enjoys tripping, being a “spaz” and raising sheep.
Alexis Larsen
Alexis Larsen is a sophomore at Salem Hills High School. She is a student of the month for the month of October. She was selected by Mr. Call, the photography teacher. Mr. Call chose Alexis for several reasons which include: her photography was inspiring, she was always helpful during class and she was always kind to her fellow classmates.
Alexis is a very good student who gets her homework done before she gets home for the day. She also gives advice to students who want to succeed by saying, “if you want to succeed, study.” I’m sure that several students can agree with that statement. We can all look up to her amazing example.

Tevyn Tanner
Tevyn Tanner is attending Salem Hills in her senior year. She was chosen by Mr. Macdonald for student of the month. Tevyn values school because to her, schooling determines the future. Her favorite class is Spanish. She also enjoys painting and likes to take part in her art class she has with Miss Shuler. When she has a minute, Tevyn likes to spend time shopping and driving on the freeway in her car.

Noah Talley
Noah Talley is a student that pushes himself inside and outside of school. Noah has been rocking a 4.0 since He was entered into the grading system. Not only does he strive to do the best he can in school, he is a accomplished cyclist. Racing motorcycles, mountain bikes, and pedal bikes. One of Noah’s most recent accomplishments is he took second in nationals for mountain bikes. Ms. Sheperd thinks of Noah as a very knowledgeable student who strives his hardest. He knows more about food and nutrition than any high school student ever should. Odds are if you see Noah he will probably be training for racing doing homework or eating the healthiest foods you have never heard of. Noah is a hard worker in every sense, he even runs his own bread business.

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