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January 2010

SHHS Spirit Bowl

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Fri, 01/29/2010 - 12:21
By: Celsie Long and Cosette Stone
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With the start of the new basketball season the drill team put on a pep assembly to get everyone pumped. The different classes and faculty competed in events differing from chubby bunny to duck taping someone to the wall. The band played loudly as the students cheered and got excited. Our Skyhawk mascot was there to get everyone in their best school spirit. Every event was judged and the winning team received points. The events kicked off with different people getting duck taped to the wall, followed by skateboarding with plungers across the gym. With whipped cream faces other team members threw Cheetos to their faces where they would stick. Sitting on top of a ladder they would drop scoops of ice cream into cones which were in the other team member’s mouth on the ground. Mr. Bohling’s attempt at fitting marshmallows in his mouth for chubby bunny was a hit. Puke was almost all over the gym when Coach Renae Clarke had to drink a nasty concoction with ingredients from sardines to chocolate milk. At the end of the events the score was tied; seniors and faculty. Mrs. Auger and Travis Hendersen had a dance off to determine the winner. The crowd cheered loudly and the senior’s were crowned the winners of the Spirit Bowl. Our Skyhawk spirit was unleashed as we left the gym dancing and singing our school song.


Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Wed, 01/13/2010 - 13:40
article by Kjirsten Collins and Karlin Adams; photo by Caline Hoover



In their first region game on January 12th, the Salem Hills Skyhawks played Spanish Fork High School. The game was highly anticipated by both student bodies, resulting in a large turnout that filled the bleachers. This was Salem’s opportunity to redeem themselves after a hard loss to SFHS during the last football season.

Much like Salem’s previous games, they remained in the lead until the fourth quarter when the Dons caught up, adding to the excitement in the packed gym. The Dons missed key free-throws in the last moments in the game which motivated the Skyhawks to stay on top of their game and make their last foul shots.

London Simonson and Jake Skinner combined for 37 points and led their team to a victory with a score of 63-60. Spanish Fork also played well with Ren Williamsen as their leading scorer with 11 points.


Skyhawks Soar over Teams at the Highland Duals

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Mon, 01/11/2010 - 14:28
article by J.T. Atkinson, Photo by Zach Rugg; SHHS wrestler Jake Jensen

The Skyhawks varsity wrestling team comes home from the Highland Duals with the first place trophy on Saturday. Lots of tough teams including Brighton and Highland attended the two day dual style tournament this weekend in hopes of bringing home the trophy. But the Skyhawks did not let disappoint when they dominated throughout the tournament to bring home the very first First Place Trophy for varsity.
Salem had a very solid first day with wins against Hillcrest(69-12), Park City(57-6), and the home team Highland(56-10). With ten out of the fourteen Skyhawk wrestlers going undefeated the first day, the first place trophy looked very promising.
When the second day came around the Skyhawks had to face many of their teammates from the JV All Star Team. Some of the matches were pretty close, but the Skyhawks varsity team proved why they were on the varsity team. When they forfeited two weights and won all the other matches either by pin or major decision. Next round the Skyhawks faced the tough team of Brighton which came down to Taylor Thorpe’s match which he won(1-0) to make the final score 36-30. The Skyhawks rounded off the day with two more victories over Ogden(72-12) and Clearfield(48-33).
“I think that we came both days ready to wrestle. I’m glad that I was on the team to bring home the first varsity first place trophy. “ said J.T. Atkinson(171).

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